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Alcoa plans to expand its port of KAMSAR in Guinea
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According to the Ministry of Commerce, Alcoa Group (CBCO) in Guinea branch CBG (Companie des Bauxites de Guinée) recently announced that it will invest one billion US dollars, in phases expansion of existing bauxite project infrastructure. For more details, Guinea's local media interviewed Mr. Sékouba Doumbouya, general manager of CBM's KAMSAR Port Business Unit, at KAMSAR Port.


In 1963, Alcoa acquired the mining rights of Sangaredi bauxite in the Baui area of Guinea for 75 years. In order to develop the project, Alcoa and the Guinean government set up a joint venture company, the company name for the CBG, Companie des Bauxites de Guinée; which, led by the US aluminum industry in Europe and the United States accounted for 51% of the Commonwealth, the Guinean government accounted for 49 %.


Mining infrastructure construction started in 1963, completed in 1973, in October 1973 to achieve the mine.


In order to export bauxite ore, the project has built a multi-purpose, multi-purpose port in KAMSAR, which is mainly used for exporting bauxite ore.


In 1996, Alcoa signed an agreement with the Government of Guinea. CBG acquired the franchise of the port of KAMSAR. The port facilities are not limited to Alcoa and are open to the public and allowed to be used by third parties. Alcoa is responsible for port operations, maintenance, personnel, infrastructure construction, port equipment replacement and so on. The Government of Guinea will return the annual fee for port services to CBG in proportion.


KAMSAR port current berth capacity of 262 ships per year, after the expansion plan to increase to 350 ships per year.


In addition, KAMSAR port current loading and unloading capacity for a day of a ship, after the expansion plan to increase to two daily handling of two ships. To that end, the length of the port will be doubled in order to allow the simultaneous berthing of two bulk carriers.


From the bauxite mining capacity, the current CBG company in Guinea Bauer area Sangaredi mining capacity of 15 million tons per year, after the completion of the expansion plan to increase to 27 million tons per year capacity.


Du Bo Ya, general manager of the final said that the port currently has 130 employees, after the expansion will certainly increase the number of employees.

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