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Aluminum branch in Guizhou and Guangzhou Aluminum Group reached a cooperation
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August 10, six nuclear carrying 50 tons of ore transport vehicles from the mining company Lin Wu yard slowly start, lined up to new users - Alcan Aluminum Group. From the forest bad yard to the Guangzhou-Guangzhou Group, only 5 km away, but it is the first time since the construction of gold, called the company's ore market, a comprehensive market-oriented ice-breaking road.


For half a century, the mining company has always been in Guizhou branch of the internal function of alumina units appear. In 2014, the branch of the alumina production line shut down and retreat into the park, the loss of the internal downstream of the mining company, in the aluminum headquarters of the co-ordination, began for the other aluminum enterprises in the alumina sales of ore, to some extent to achieve the market The Over the past two years, limited by the characteristics of customer demand for products, especially with the altar kiln, cat field aluminum mine has been put into operation, mining companies and more ore marketing needs more flexible and efficient sales mix, the internal users have been unable to meet the development needs of mining . In order to improve the level of comprehensive utilization of ore, pressure "two gold" down the stock, while more to occupy the market share, but also out of the need to reduce the viscosity of a single customer considerations, mining companies to "strive to open up the external market" as the focus of work in 2016. To achieve "from the central region of the largest bauxite producers to the largest bauxite traders transition" for the development goals, based on the southwest, for the development of users.


In the premise of obtaining headquarters support to "give priority to protect the internal users of aluminum to achieve regional maximum benefit of ore distribution" principle, from the beginning of the year, mining companies to carry out market research seriously to find out the potential customer needs. For the internal characteristics of a number of mine products to implement accurate quality measurement, the aluminum content, aluminum and silicon ratio, sulfur content, iron content and other indicators of economic ratio, to achieve complementary advantages of ore around. At the same time, the production process strictly grasp the "sub-mining, distribution, sub-heap, distribution" process control, market-oriented marketing portfolio to lay a solid foundation.


Cooperation with the Guang Aluminum Group experienced a long business negotiation process, the contract was finally signed on August 9, August 10 to start for the mine. The demand for aluminum and aluminum is relatively loose for the aluminum and silicon content and sulfur content of the product. It is convenient for the mining company to digest the existing low-aluminum and high-sulfur stocks of ore and to benefit from the comprehensive utilization ratio of different regions. The remaining five months to digest more than 150,000 tons of inventory. At the same time, mining companies fully open up the ore rail transport process, for the ore exported to the southwest and even throughout the country to prepare. And the successful cooperation with the Guangzhou Aluminum Group, it is a comprehensive market of ore marketing ice-breaking move.

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