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Shower room construction pay attention to share: shower room size design is what
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Bathroom space is relatively large, but there are a lot of people in the decoration of the bathroom, want to install a shower room, but the space is relatively small, relatively difficult to build up, to be reasonable arrangements to provide you with a more comfortable Of the shower environment, then the following Asian fluid network Xiaobian give you about the shower room construction point of attention and shower room size design. Want to know the friends together to see it.


Shower room construction pay attention to share: shower room size design is what


Shower room construction pay attention to share: shower room size design is what


First, the shower room construction point of attention


1, pre-prepared


In the decoration before the shower room, we need to be used in the decoration of the bathroom supplies and the use of tools, materials, etc. complete.


2, installation basin


After preparing the material, we need to install the basin. The basin of the combination of parts to ensure that the basin and the bottom of the basin without water stains, to maintain the level of the basin. After the distance according to the distance, the basin and floor drain through the hose connected to each other, then need to ensure that the basin basin and floor drain connection is solid.


3, test the water test


After installing the basin, you need to test the water test, used to ensure the flow of water. In the test water test to ensure that the operation of the test formal, once found that the water does not fall, the need to re-install.


4, the installation of aluminum


After the test water test, we have to install aluminum. First of all to determine the drilling bit of aluminum, and marked on the wall. After drilling with a drilling tool, the depth of the hole needs to be noticed when drilling. Finally, after the rubber particles into the drilling, with aluminum screws on the wall. Place the glass clip in the bottom hole and fix it with screws.


5, the installation of pipe jacking


The installation of the jacking pipe needs to be above the glass, so the top of the glass can be found in the top of the installation position, should be drilled in advance when drilling. The mounting bracket and the sleeve are then fixed to the top of the glass.


6, install the shelves


According to the needs of family life, select the height and size of the shelves, the location of the shelves marked on the wall, and then tighten the layer of nuts, fixed glass plate, keep the shelves and the walls and the ground Vertical and horizontal.


7, install the activities of the door


The activities of the door in the installation of the need to pay attention to the installation of its hardware. You must use high-quality hardware to prevent the use of rust after a long period of time and other quality problems, resulting in the door can not be used.


Because the use of shower room comfort and installation is appropriate to have a direct relationship. So in the shower room decoration when we need to re-install the beginning to the end of each step are not sloppy.




Second, the shower room size design


Although you can develop non-standard products, but to ensure the use of safety, comfort, shower room in the size of the arrangements or have a certain stress.


Height: usually ceiling height is 2.4m, so the shower room height of most of 1800mm-2000mm, can also be based on family height, the actual situation to adjust the space, but also need to pay attention to the location and shower quite, too easy to splash out, too High obstacle beautiful, it affects the permeability.


Width: To ensure that the body can be free to use, not always hit the glass. Generally 900mm * 900mm is appropriate, if the family is relatively fat, can also be made 1000mm × 1000mm, or bathroom space is limited, made 850mm × 850mm also line, but not less than 800mm.


And the distance between the other sanitary ware: bathroom often placed compact, shower room often have a bath, toilet, bathroom cabinet, to leave the distance of about 100mm, or easy to use when the interaction, increasing the possibility of blew.


And the distance from the heating equipment: in order to facilitate the winter bath, we will give the bathroom installed a heater or Yuba, if it is side hanging equipment, do not put in the shower room or near the shower room glass to prevent damp. If the hanging on the top, will depend on the size of the bathroom, and small space in the middle of the heating equipment on the line, do not have to be placed in the shower area, if the space is relatively large, you can put it in the middle of the shower area, Try not to be on the shower, shower room glass, or not only not achieve good heating effect, but also easy to cause the product aging or blew


The above is to introduce the shower room construction point of attention and the size of the shower room design of all the knowledge, we read this article, you should know how to install their own shower room, the shower room, although the space is small, but the construction is More trouble, so we must be careful and prudent, there is to do waterproof work.

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