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Ideal fullness, realistic sense of bone Analysis of aluminum air battery in the end by not fly
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Recently, the Ministry of Industry held a meeting on the further support of the new energy automotive industry development will be, the Ministry of Industry and Vice Minister Xin Guobin presided over the meeting and made an important speech. Xin Guobin put forward the next step need to focus on the five aspects of work, one of which is to achieve the power battery revolution, to promote "to promote the development of automotive power battery industry guidance" introduced to accelerate the construction of power battery innovation center.


In recent years, environmental protection and energy requirements in the increasingly stringent, the new energy vehicles have been pushed to the cusp. The core of the new energy vehicles - power battery is naturally of concern. Most of the battery company's research mainly hydrogen fuel cells, graphene batteries and China's mainstream lithium battery.


But we have recently heard of aluminum air battery?


This stuff is long


It works very easy to understand, with high purity aluminum Al (aluminum 99.99%) as the negative, oxygen as the cathode, potassium hydroxide (KOH) or sodium hydroxide (NaOH) aqueous solution for the electrolyte. Aluminum intake of oxygen in the air, in the battery discharge chemical reaction, aluminum and oxygen into aluminum oxide. It is reported that aluminum air battery in the current development prospects are quite optimistic. So to speak, as all aspects of mature lithium battery is naturally disagree. Then we use aluminum air battery and lithium battery for comparison.


Comparison of battery energy density


As a battery, energy density is a more important measure than nature. According to the measured aluminum air battery energy density can reach 1300 ~ 2000Wh / kg, lithium batteries generally 200-300Wh / kg or even lower. Leaving aside battery performance, stability and other indicators aside. In the energy density comparison, aluminum air battery is indeed better than the lithium battery on a big cut.


Security comparison


I believe we from time to time in the news to see such a report - a certain mobile phone when the explosion occurred. It can be said that the safety of lithium battery performance has been criticized. Lithium battery is burning, because the electrolyte is used in organic matter, encountered oxygen, the water will heat up, the temperature burned a high. But the aluminum air battery with an aqueous solution as an electrolyte, the whole piece of aluminum air battery decomposition, is the combination of metal plus water and salt. It's hard to burn.


Practical convenience


Aluminum air battery, essentially a disposable battery. As long as the power run out, and then replace a negative can continue to use. Different from the lithium battery charging, on the small series, in fact, a one-time replacement of the battery is also a very convenient time to save time. And with aluminum air battery high specific energy, for a battery or equal to the lithium battery charge 3 times.


Said so much, that aluminum air battery there is no way to fly? The answer is definitely yes.


First of all, as a new industry, "baby" with lithium batteries, many aspects are a mantis arm car. After all, lithium battery has experienced more than 20 years of commercial development. From the manufacturing system, marketing model and other aspects of the development point of view are quite mature. As a new energy car industry, the big brother Tesla himself got a "electric vehicle extended range hybrid battery system", directly to the lithium battery as the core of the car driving energy, and aluminum battery is lithium battery charge for the backup. This also confirms from the side of the aluminum air battery there are many defects for practicality.


On the other hand, the above also mentioned, if put aside as a whole system to consider the battery, aluminum air battery performance is indeed relatively good. But the actual use, the operation of every detail is to be considered into the range. Aluminum air batteries in the principle of the problem is still quite a lot of problems, such as discharge, the production of alumina will affect the discharge efficiency of the battery.


It can be seen, from the future development of space, the prospects for aluminum air battery is naturally wide. At this stage of the research results have also made a greater breakthrough, but the result is not equal to the product, the product does not mean that the industry can not be equal to the user to accept the high industry. In the pursuit of life convenient, environmental protection and energy conservation under the conditions of the future of the aluminum battery does not fly will not have a reliable solution, like lithium battery development as mature, who knows?

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